One of the rarest types of teas, Yellow teas are produced from carefully picked buds and leaves that are minimally processed. The leaves are stacked into piles where the internal heat generated from their decomposition, slowly stops the oxidation process. Virtually self-processed, the leaves also skip the pan-frying step. Yellow teas have more caffeine than green teas and yield light colored infusions and delicate taste and aromas.

Teas are available in bulk packaging or in "The Tea House" brand retail packages. Price is per lb.  Minimum quantity is 2 lbs. unless otherwise (*) indicated. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom blending available.
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HUO SHAN YELLOW BUD HUO-X01 *$93.00/LB   $87.00/LB   $83.00/LB   22 LBS
A tribute tea in ancient China, this delicate tea is comprised of silvery-yellow buds and their adjacent first leaf. This authentic yellow tea has a captivating flavor, offering a nutty note with hints of peach down. Floral highlights in the aftertaste linger on the tongue. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 170 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.


JUN SHAN SILVER NEEDLE SNL-X02 *$129.00/LB   $113.00/LB   $97.00/LB   22 LBS
Delicate, needle shaped, pale green buds that yield a rich, earthy flavor and honey sweet aroma. From the remote Jun Mtn. in Hunan province, these buds stand straight up and down when brewed in a clear glass. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
MENG DING YELLOW BUD MDY-X01 *$192.00/LB   $181.00/LB   164.00/LB   11 LBS
From the cradle of tea, these extremely rare, flavorful buds come from Meng Ding Mtn. In Sichuan province. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.