Green teas are made from typically smaller, younger leaves and buds. Undergoing a minimum of processing, they are also referred to as non-oxidized teas. The leaves are first spread out on cool cement floors or rattan racks and allowed to wilt for a few hours. The leaves are then heated to remove much of their moisture and to stop the oxidation process. After another chance to rest for a while, the leaves are are rolled to give them special shaping and then finally dried until only 3% moisture remains. Green teas have long been enjoyed for their health-giving qualities as well as their unique and often subtle flavors. Interestingly, the aroma and taste can be quite different from one another. The color of the liquor can range from a bright jade green to a pale yellow and is best when drunk without any additions.

Teas are available in bulk packaging or in "The Tea House" brand retail packages. Price is per lb.  Minimum quantity is 2 lbs. unless otherwise (*) indicated. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom blending available.
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ANJI FLAT LEAF AWV-X02 *$175.00/LB   $166.00/LB   $158.00/LB   11 LB
A new "twist" on the famous needle shaped green tea. The tender, green leaves and buds are pan fried until flat resulting in a light toasted note in addition to the traditional sweet-pea flavor. High in amino acids, the very pale green/yellow liquor offers a light, fresh, aromatic cup. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
BAMBOO LEAF - TRIBUTE BBL-X01 *$173.00/LB   $167.00/LB   $161.00/LB   11 LB
Resembling the long, slender shape of bamboo leaves, this superb tea is picked before the Qing Ming Spring festival. The delicate, light green bud and first leaf sets have a fresh aroma and full body taste. The liquor is a light yellow green. Brewing: 1 pkg, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
CLOUDS AND MIST CLM-X01 $40.00/LB   $37.00/LB   $35.00/LB   44 LBS
Delicate "Yun Wu" plucked at the peak of their flavor in early Spring. The tender buds and leaves are grown at high altitudes where they bathe in the mountain mist most of the year. Aromatic with fresh flavor. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
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DWL-X01 *$525.00/LB            
Plucked March 20th in the traditional Long Jing production area of Meijia village, this special manufacture offers the very best of Long Jing. Multi-layered, captivating aroma combined with a flavorful yet gentle liquor Delicate sweetness. Limited Availability!! Brewing: 2g, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
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DWL-X01 *$195.00/LB   $185.00/LB   $175.00/LB   11 LBS+
Picked before Qing Ming (April 4-6) and the early spring rains, this top grade of China's popular green tea offers a rich, fresh vegetal aroma and light roasted chestnut flavor with subtle sweetness. Hand plucked just after the bushes emerge from their winter dormancy, only the tender bud and first leaf are used to make this rare tea. Authentic "Dragon Well" comes only from the West Lake area of Hangzhou in China. Brewing: 4 grams (1 tbsp), 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
DWL-X02 $114.00/LB   $108.00/LB   $102.00/LB   44 LBS+
Spring-picked, jade green, bud and leaf sets yield the distinctive "Long Jing" flavor and sweet aroma. Hand processing creates the distinct flat shape. It takes about 4.5 lbs. of fresh leaves to produce 1 lb of finished tea. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
EMERALD GREEN EMG-X01 $91.00/LB   $82.00/LB   $73.00/LB   22 LBS
An enchanting, whole leaf tea from the towering mountains of Nepal. The large leaves and down-covered buds offer a complex yet delicate, mellow, refined flavor with captivating aroma and light yellow-green color. Brewing: 2 tbsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
GENMAI CHA GEN-X01 $20.00/LB   $19.00/LB   $17.00/LB   55 LBS
A traditional and intriguing Japanese green tea that blends hearty yet sweet premium Sen Cha leaves with roasted and popped rice. Brewing: 1 tsp, 190 deg, 2-3 min, 2 inf.
GENMAI MAT CHA GEN-X03 $54.00/LB   $50.00/LB   $47.00/LB   55 LBS
The traditional blend of sweet Sen Cha leaves and roasted and popped rice bathed is jade green Mat Cha. Nutty, vegetal and very green! Brewing: 1 tsp, 190 deg, 2-3 min, 2 inf.
GOLDEN MELON - PU ER PUR-X04-A $83.00 EAx2   $81.00 EAx2        

Raw (Sheng) Pu Er tea compressed into the famous "melon" shape. 500 grams, each melon has been carefully aged under controlled environmental conditions. Made in 2007 in XiShuangBanNa, Yunnan. Vegetal yet smooth with rich, well balanced characteristics. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 200 deg, 30 sec, 10 inf.

GREAT JADE PU ER TEA CAKE PUR-X05 $52.00 EAx7   $49.00 EAx7   $47.00 EAx21   21 PC
Green and buddy, this earthy tea from Southern Yunnan is compressed into 7 in diameter cakes and naturally aged. Pu Er tea is well known for aiding digestion. Flavorful and well balanced, a thumbnail sized piece will make several infusions. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 2 min, 5 inf.
SHENG PU ER TEA CAKE PUR-X05-A $41.00 EAx7   $39.00 EAx7   $37.00 EAx21   21 PC
Made in 2012 at the Menghai tea factory in XiShuangBanNa, this excellent 357g cake has a full body with woodsy charcter and will continue to improve with aging. Flavorful and well balanced. Brewing: 1 tsp, 190 deg, 30 sec, 8 inf.
GREEN LYCHEE GLY-X01 $40.00/LB   $38.00/LB   $36.00/LB   55 LBS
Bundles of aromatic green tea leaves tied at their base with a silken thread then rolled back on themselves. The result is a ball the size of a lychee fruit that opens into a green blossom when brewed. Brewing: 1 ball, 190 deg, 3 min, 4 inf.
GREEN PEARLS GPL-X01 $44.00/LB   $42.00/LB   $32.00/LB   44 LBS
Pearls of strong green tea with slight hint of jasmine. Brewing: 8 pearls, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
GREEN PEONY GPO-X02 $49.00/LB   $45.00/LB   $42.00/LB   44 LBS
A hearty green tea in a fascinating flower shape. Bundles of long leaves are tied around the middle and then folded back on themselves. Watch the leaves "bloom" as they steep. Brewing: 1 flower, 180 deg, 2-3 min, 3 inf.
GUNPOWDER - TRIBUTE GUN-X01 $53.00/LB   $51.00/LB   $47.00/LB   22 LBS

Top grade of tender young leaves gently rolled into loose pellets. Usually reserved only for gift giving, the gray-green leaves yield a flavorful pale yellow liquor with an exceptional aroma. From Zhejiang province, China. Brewing: 1 tsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

GUNPOWDER GUN-X02 $22.00/LB   $21.00/LB   $20.00/LB   44 LBS

Strong, whole green leaves rolled tightly into the shape of old fashioned gunpowder. Full flavor with a fresh aroma. Also called "Pearl" tea from China's East coast, Zhejiang province.  Brewing: 1 tsp, 190 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

GYOKURO GYO-X01 $100.00/LB   $95.00/LB   $90.00/LB   22 LBS
"Jewel of Dew", these dark green leaves are one of the highest grades of Japanese teas. The thick body, fresh aroma and vegetal-sweet "umami" taste result from the bushes being shaded with rattan mats for 3 weeks before plucking to reduce chlorophyll and catechins. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
HOUJI CHA HOJ-X02 $21.00/LB   $19.00/LB   $17.00/LB   44 LBS
Carefully selected, slender brown leaf stalks are gently roasted giving them a smooth, rich flavor and earthy aroma. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 190 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
HUANGSHAN MAOJIAN HMJ-X02 $50.00/LB   $48.00/LB   $46.00/LB   44 LBS

These plump, curly "Hair Point" leaves are one of the famous teas from China's spectacular Yellow Mountains. The aromatic, dark jade-green leaves and silvery buds have a fresh, rich, sweet smell and offer a full flavored, medium strength infusion and lingering aftertaste. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.


IMPERIAL JASMINE PEARLS JAS-X01 $88.00/LB   $84.00/LB   $79.00/LB   22 LBS
Rare, finest grade of Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls. Picked earlier than other spring picked grades, the small downy buds are hand rolled into tiny pearls which yield a fragrant aroma and balanced, light flavor. Brewing: 1 tsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.
JASMINE JAS-X02 $12.00/LB   $11.00/LB   $10.00/LB   66 LBS
Popular grade of dark green leaves blended with real jasmine flowers. Yields a medium to stronger flavor and mild jasmine fragrance. From Fujian, China. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 190 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
JASMINE PEARLS JAS-X03 $87.00/LB   $83.00/LB   $79.00/LB   22LBS
Tender, downy, green tea leaves and buds are rolled into tight, fragrant spheres and scented 7 times with fresh jasmine blossoms. Second only to the Imperial grade, this delicate and well balanced tea is often called Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls. Brewing: 1 tsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.
JASMINE - SNOW BUD JAS-X06 $59.00/LB   $55.00/LB   $53.00/LB   22 LBS
A very special tea consisting of down-covered, fluffy, young buds and tender leaves infused with the scent of aromatic jasmine blossoms. A medium strength infusion, golden yellow color with heavenly aroma.  Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
JASMINE - YIN HAO JAS-X04 $46.00/LB   $44.00/LB   $42.00/LB   44 LBS

Fragrant and flavorful, Yin Hao (Silver Fur) is a high grade traditional style jasmine tea. The tender, spring-harvested down-covered buds and green leaves are layered between fresh jasmine blossoms seven times. Enticing aroma with a bright yellow color. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

FIVE DRAGON JASMINE -  ORGANIC JAS-X05 $16.00/LB   $14.00/LB   $13.00/LB   66 LBS
Certified organic, these slender, deep-green tea leaves are mixed with delicate jasmine petals. Yields a medium strength flavor and mild jasmine fragrance. From Five Dragon Mountain in Jiangxi, China. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 190 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
KUKI CHA KUK-X01 $30.00/LB   $28.00/LB   $26.00/LB   44 LBS
Aromatic and vibrant, this select tea of yellow stalks and green leaves offers a full bodied, sweet, and satisfying cup. Excellent for all day drinking. Brewing: 1 tsp, 180 deg, 2-3 min, 2 inf.
LOTUS HEART LHT-X01 *$256.00/LB   $215.00/LB   $180.00/LB   11 LBS
An enchanting green tea with light honey-sweet aroma and delicate yet complex flavor. The twisted leaves and tender buds are at first spicy then sweet. The yellow-green liquor has a long lingering aftertaste. Hand made by Master Zhou Ren Zi in Taiwan. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
MAT CHA OCH-X01 $81.00/LB   $77.00/LB   $73.00/LB   11 LBS
The finely powdered bright green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony. This rich and flavorful tea is given the honorable name "O-Cha". Brewing: .5 tsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
MAT CHA - SAKURA OCH-X02 *$295.00/LB   $273.00/LB   $251.00/LB   11 LBS
Premium ceremonial grade of powdered green tea used in the traditional Cha-no-yu tea ceremony. From the historic tea production area of Uji, this exceptional tea is made of tender, hand selected leaves which were shaded for 3 weeks before plucking. First undergoing the Ten Cha processing method then ground with a granite stone mill, the brilliant, bright green powder offers a creamy texture, smooth taste with light sweet notes. Brewing: .5 tsp, 160 deg, whisk thoroughly and enjoy.
MINI TUO CHA - GREEN TUO-X02 $31.00/LB   $29.00/LB   $26.00/LB   66 LBS
Miniature tea bowls made of rich Yunnan green tea. Uniquely sweet and rich with an intriguing aroma of cooked rice. Individually wrapped, half of a piece is perfect for a cup and will yield several infusions. Brewing: 1/2 bowl, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
PI LO CHUN - TRIBUTE PLC-X02 *$199.00/LB   $189.00/LB   $165.00/LB   22 LBS
The very best of the famous China green tea, these specially selected, fragrant "Green Snail Spring" buds and leaves are from East Hill near Suzhou. The fluffy leaves uncurl into a rich jade green. The aroma is refreshing and the mild taste offers hints of honeydew melon. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
SEN CHA SEN-X01 $44.00/LB   $41.00/LB   $38.00/LB   44 LBS
From Shizuoka, Japan, these deep green, needle-shaped leaves have a fresh, bold taste with hints of grassy sweetness and pale green-yellow liquor. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
SEN CHA - PREMIUM SEN-X02 *$98.00/LB   $90.00/LB   $83.00/LB   22 LBS
Honyama, in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan is renowned for it's exceptional teas. With light, sweet taste and pale green-yellow color, these gently steamed, needle-like leaves offer an inviting aroma. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
SEN CHA - FUKAMUSHI SEN-X03 $50.00/LB   $47.00/LB   $44.00/LB   22 LBS
"Deep Steamed" Sen Cha from Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. The dark green colored leaves release a fresh, sea-vegetal flavor with hints of sweetness. The bright yellow/green liquor offers a rich texture and lasting aftertaste. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
TAI PING MONKEY KING THK-X02 *$157.00/LB   $144.00/LB   $133.00/LB   22 LBS
One of China's most famous green teas, these premium, large green leaves are picked from a misty mountain peak and hand-pressed flat on mesh screens. The light-yellow liquor has a fresh, sweet taste with characteristic hints of orchid aroma. Brewing: 2 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
TAMARYOKU CHA TRY-X01 $65.00/LB   $61.00/LB   $57.00/LB   22 LBS
  Named for a piece of jade jewelry in ancient Japan, this flavorful but elegant green tea is made from tender leaves that are shaded for 10 days before plucking. The result is a light, smooth, fresh taste and bright vegetal aroma. Though the leaves are steam-heated, they are curled during processing giving it its namesake shape and a long lasting flavor. From the historic Southern Japan tea fields of Ureshino, Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.
TIAN MU YUN LO TMY-X01 *$110.00/LB   $101.00/LB   $92.00/LB   22 LBS
These tiny, jade green, tender leaves and buds yield a sweet and fragrant cup. Tian Mu mountain is renowned for it's pure, pollution free environment. An especially nice green tea from Zhejiang Province. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.
YHQ-X01-A $34.00/LB   $32.00/LB   $30.00/LB   44 LBS
Two leaves and a bud, tightly rolled into traditional shiny, dark green pellets. Pleasant hint of smokiness from the wood fires used to dry the leaves. Watch the leaves unfurl into dark jade green leaves that yield a medium strength and will endure many infusions.  Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 170 deg, 2.5 min, 3 inf.


YHQ-X02 *$133.00/LB   $127.00/LB   $120.00/LB   11 LBS
Newly created, open leaf style of the famous green tea. Long, down-covered buds a green leaves brew a light, fresh liquor with hints of sweetness. Best brewed in a clear glass cup to watch the leaves "dance" as they infuse into a deep jade green. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 190 deg, 2.5 min, 3 inf.
YELLOW MEADOW ORG-X02 $50.00/LB   $48.00/LB   $46.00/LB   44 LBS

Beautiful, long, twisted dark green leaves and silvery buds produce a flavorful green tea, naturally grown and processed with out use of chemical pesticides. Carefully crafted by master teamakers, in the small Huangtian tea village in Fujian Province, China. Sales from this tea help support the village.  Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

ZHEN MEI (CHUN MEE) ZME-X02 $20.00/LB   $19.00/LB   $18.00/LB   66 LBS
"Precious Eyebrow" Chinese green tea from Anhui province. Lightly twisted, small leaves give a bright color and a light astringent taste with hints of sweetness in the aftertaste. Brewing: 1 tsp, 170 deg, 1 min, 3 inf.