Black teas come from many parts of the world. Taking up to ten separate steps in the process, these fully-oxidized leaves are also referred to as red tea for the dark-reddish color of their brew. Some leaves start out and remain whole. Others may be intentionally broken or torn during processing. Black teas have a robust flavor yet often a mild aroma. Taste can range from slightly fruity to pungently smoky and are sometimes taken with milk, sugar, lemon or other additives. Bring fresh water to a full boil when making these teas.


Teas are available in bulk packaging or in "The Tea House" brand retail packages. Price is per lb.  Minimum quantity is 2 lbs. unless otherwise (*) indicated. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Custom blending available.
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ASSAM - GOLDEN BUD ASM-X07 *$207.50/LB   $197.00/LB   $186.00/LB   22 LBS

One of the rarest of Assam teas consisting of only tender, golden buds. The deep auburn liquor color is matched only by its luxurious, smooth taste. Complex with layered flavors, this full bodied yet gentle tea, offers honey-sweet notes and mild malty overtones. Only 4 lbs. available!! Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

ASSAM - KHONGEA ASM-X06 $30.00/LB   $28.00/LB   $25.00/LB   44 LBS
FTGFOP1 grade of this full bodied and malty black tea from Northeastern India. A wonderful stand-alone tea also used in many blends. The familiar rich and honey-sweet flavor makes an excellent breakfast tea. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
ASSAM - LUKWAH ASM-X08 $30.00/LB   $28.00/LB   $25.00/LB   44 LBS

Rich and bold, this full bodied black tea is a great breakfast tea. Picked in the hot 2nd flush season in lush Assam, India, the deep coppery liquor is bright and the aroma is penetrating and sweet. Malty with hints of fruity sweetness, this tea is excellent hot and over ice. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 210 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

ASSAM - SREE SIBBARI ASM-X09 $34.00/LB   $32.00/LB   $30.00/LB   44 LBS

Strong and brisk with a hint of malty sweetness, this full flavored FTGFOP grade black tea was harvested in the prime 2nd flush season. The black leaves give a rich body while the golden buds offer subtle complexity. The deep coppery liquor is bright and the aroma is penetrating and sweet. A great breakfast tea or good as an iced tea. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

ASSAM - SUPREME ASM-X05 $67.00/LB   $63.00/LB   $59.00/LB   44 LBS
Gleaned from the best of the Halmari tea estate, robust and sweet, this championship winning 2nd flush is what Assam lover’s treasure. With an abundance of tender golden buds this exceptionally rich tea offers an inviting, malty aroma with honey-sweet overtones. The complex, layered flavors are delightful any time of the day. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
BLACK DAN CONG BDC-X01 $95.00/LB   $90.00/LB   $85.00/LB   22 LBS
First Place Winner of the North American Tea Championship!! This "cross-over" tea is a Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong but processed as a black tea rather than an oolong. Tea Artist Huang Shuwei from Fenghuang Mt. carefully hand selects and processed the juicy leaves into a fruity, sweet, yet full bodied black tea with rich complexity. With hints of honey and nuts this tea is also amazing brewed in cold water. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 200 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.
CEYLON - KENILWORTH CEY-X01 $16.00/LB   $15.00/LB   $13.00/LB   44 LBS
Exceptional, long, whole leaves with prized full-bodied, clean taste. From the Kandy district, this aromatic tea offers hints of currant and rich amber color, Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
CEYLON - RATNAPURA BLEND CEY-X05 $16.00/LB   $15.00/LB   $13.00/LB   44 LBS
From the southern tea growing region of Sri Lanka, this blend of premium teas from several estates consists of dark, twisted leaves which offer a rich and satisfying cup with hints of honey and cocoa. Medium strenght and bright color. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
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CEY-X02 $11.00/LB   $10.00/LB   $9.00/LB   44 LBS
Gently rolled Pekoe grade black tea from the Uva District. Smooth and clean yet full flavored with bright aroma. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
DARJEELING - GIDDAPAHAR        1ST FL DJL-X12-A $85.00/LB   $80.00/LB   $75.00/LB   44 LBS

An exceptional 1st flush with the unique, heady fragrance of Gardenias. The beautiful, buddy, SFTGFOP-1 leaves yield an astounding floral bouquet with hints of fruit and fresh spring air. The light golden liquor sparkles with vitality. One of our favorite gardens, Giddapahar is a small family owned tea estate. The lingering finish fills the mouth and pleasant astringency gives clarity. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.

DARJEELING - GIDDAPAHAR        AV2 - COCONUT   - Very Limited!! DJL-X12-B *$110.00/LB   $105.00/LB   $100.00/LB   44 LBS

An incredible and beautiful tea from the family run Giddapahar tea estate. Only 4 kilos of this tea was made, carefully hand-plucked on April 14 from AV2 tea bushes on a small area of the steep slopes. The intense, fresh and floral aroma is especially complex and the taste follows suit with the added suggestion of green coconut. The pale golden liquor is clear and bright. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.

DARJEELING - GOOMTEE         1ST FL DJL-X08 $56.00/LB   $53.00/LB   $50.00/LB   44 LBS

An outstanding, traditional 1st flush Darjeeling from the Goomtee estate. The FTGFOP1 grade offers a lively, fresh aroma and the much sought after sweet floral and light fruity flavor highlights. Lightly sweet like fresh spring water. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

DARJEELING - JUNGPANA        1ST FL Sorry - Out of Stock DJL-X10 $82.00/LB   $78.00/LB   $73.00/LB   44 LBS
Picked from the first shoots of Spring, these flavorful FTGFOP1 grade leaves and buds offer a sparkling, bright cup with fresh aroma and golden yellow color. Entered in the International Tea Cuppers Club competition. Brewing: 2 tsp, 190 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
DARJEELING - MAHALDEREAM  1ST FL DJL-X13 *$129.00/LB   $123.00/LB   $116.00/LB   44 LBS

Our hands-down favorite this year, this exceptional 1st flush is light and delicate, yet well balanced and flavorful. Fresh, green, floral aromas dance on the palate with undertones of currant and a faint hint of nuttiness. Only 16 pounds made, this is the very first pick of the season from the small organic garden nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 170 deg, 2 min, 2 inf.

DARJEELING - MARGARET'S HOPE  1ST FL DJL-X05-A *$215.00/LB   $204.00/LB   N/A   N/A
Pure Perfume! The silvery buds and tender green leaves exude floral aromas with hints of citrus. Our favorite first flush offering this year. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
DARJEELING - POOBONG DJL-X03 $46.00/LB   $43.00/LB   $39.00/LB   44 LBS
This premium, first flush organic tea comes from Ghoom, one of the highest elevation regions of Darjeeling. Poobong means "Valley of bamboo" in Tibetan. The lightly oxidized leaves are sprinkled with silver buds. Sweet, floral and fresh with hints of muscat grape flavor and aromas. One of the very first estate we started importing from and still one of our favorites. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 180 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
DARJEELING - RUNGNEET        1ST FL - DJ-2 DJL-X14-A $63.00/LB   $60.00/LB   $57.00/LB   44 LBS

The Tea House exclusive! The prized 2nd lot produced from the Rungneet tea estate during the 1st flush season. Grown without pesticides in the natural Himalayan mountains, the flavor is fresh, green and complex with lively floral and fruity notes with a gentle astringency. Harvested from rare 150+ year old bushes, these leaves are intended especially for cold infusion method. The liquor is a sparkling, pale honey yellow. Brewing: 2 tbsp, 50 deg, 2 hrs, 2 inf.

DARJEELING - RUNGNEET        2ND FL DJL-X14 $30.00/LB   $28.00/LB   $26.00/LB   44 LBS

A delicious, traditional 2nd flush from the historic estate known for its breath-taking view of Kanchanjunga Mt. The high altitude and slow growth create rich and complex flavors. The bright amber infusion is full yet smooth with light fruity notes. Naturally grown without use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

DJL-X09-B $101.00/LB   $97.00/LB   $91.00/LB   44 LBS

"Spring in a Cup" this rule-bending bud tea, from the mountains of Darjeeling, has incredible complexity with each infusion offering a new glimpse into the mysteries of the tea leaf and the skill of the maker. Picked from Pre-first flush growth and developed exclusively for Dan Robertson over several years of trials, the light, luminescent liquor offers flavors of flowers, freshly sprouting buds, pomello and even green banana. Only 20 kilos of this tea was made. Brewing: 1.5 tbsp, 175 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.

DARJEELING - SOURENEE        1ST FL Sorry - Out of Stock DJL-X11 $61.00/LB   $58.00/LB   $55.00/LB   44 LBS
Deliciously fresh, these organically grown and processed, premium FTGFOP1 grade leaves are from the first pick of the season. Fragrant with exotic hints of fresh black pepper. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 190 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
DOOARS - NYA SYLEE DOO-X04 $9.00/LB   $8.00/LB   $7.00/LB   55 LBS
  Clean and refreshing this small leaf CTC tea comes from the gardens adjacent to Darjeeling. The leaves offer a mild and inviting aroma with a full strength infusion. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Brewing: .5 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 infusions.
DRAGON'S WHISKERS DSK-X01 $88.00/LB   $70.00/LB   $61.00/LB   22 LBS
Our most unusual find yet. Bundles of flavorful black leaves are entwined in colorful silk threads. Pull on the end and unravel before brewing this interesting tea. Brewing: 1 piece, 212 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
ENGLISH BREAKFAST EBF-X01 $25.00/LB   $24.00/LB   $23.00/LB   44 LBS
Favorite blend of Indian and Chinese black teas. Strong, brisk flavor with deep color. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
GOLDEN MELON - PU ER PUR-X04 $83.00 EAx2   $81.00 EAx2        

Ripened (Shu) Pu Er tea compressed into the famous "melon" shape. 500 grams, each melon has been carefully aged under controlled environmental conditions. Made in 2007 in XiShuangBanNa, Yunnan. Very smooth with rich, well balanced characteristics. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 30 sec, 10 inf.

GOLDEN MONKEY PGM-X01 $83.00/LB   $79.00/LB   $75.00/LB   44 LBS
Premium, long, twisted black leaves and golden buds give a rich, full-bodied, smooth flavor and inviting aroma. The top grade from Panyong in Fujian, China. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
HIGHLAND TAY HTY-X01 $25.00/LB   $24.00/LB   $22.00/LB   44 LBS
Our special, hearty blend of Chinese and Indian black teas. Yields a strong brew favored in the Scottish "heelands" yet without being bitter. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
HUBEI TEA BRICK - LG HTB-X01 $18.00 EAx6   $17.00 EAx6   $16.00 EAx20   20 PC
Intriguing tile of compresses black tea with images pressed into the front and back. Break off a piece of this 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inch tile and brew an earthy, full-bodied infusion. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
HUBEI TEA BRICK - SM HTB-X02         $10.00 EAx40   40 PC
Half sized version of the larger compressed black tea brick. Design pressed into the front and back. 7 1/2 x 5 inch tile. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
KEEMUN HAO YA KEE-X01 $58.00/LB   $54.00/LB   $50.00/LB   44 LBS

The best of the “Burgundy of teas”, these small, slender, jet black leaves and golden buds provide an enticing, deep aroma and a bold, rich, winy flavor. Keemun in Anhui province is famous for black teas and this "Downey Bud" - A grade is selected from only the best leaves. Brewing: 1 tsp, 205 deg, 2.5 min, 3 inf.

KEEMUN -  1ST GRADE KEE-X02 $19.00/LB   $18.00/LB   $17.00/LB   66 LBS

Called the "Burgundy of teas" for its winy, deep flavor, this small-leaf tea comes from the cradle of Chinese black teas, Keemun (Qimen) in Anhui province and is often used in blends. Robust and full bodied with bold aroma and vibrant red/amber color. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 2.5 min, 3 inf.


KEEMUN MAOFENG KEE-X03 $39.00/LB   $36.00/LB   $34.00/LB   44 LBS

Hand-plucked in spring this deliciously complex "Downy Peak" is selected from tender, long leaves from Keemun in Anhui province. A gentle rolling step gives the leaves their distinct twisted and wiry shape. The flavor is smooth with a mild body, and characteristic orchid aroma. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 210 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.

KENYA BLEND KYA-X01 $13.00/LB   $12.00/LB   $11.00/LB   66 LBS

A full bodied, robust black tea from the Gitugi estate in the Central Highlands. The tiny brown pearls yield an aromatic, deep auburn infusion making for a perfect breakfast or afternoon tea. The complex flavors reflect the unique terrain between the Eastern Rift Valley and Mt. Kenya. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

KENYA ESTATE KYA-X02 $35.00/LB   $32.00/LB   $30.00/LB   44 LBS

Made exclusively for The Tea House. A full bodied, robust black tea from the Kangaita factory at the foot of snow-capped Mt. Kenya. With hints of fruit, this premium, whole leaf grade yields a bold, aromatic infusion with deep auburn hues. Perfect for a breakfast or afternoon tea. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

LAPSANG SOUCHONG LAP-X02 $14.00/LB   $13.00/LB   $11.00/LB   66 LBS
Premium grade of the favorite smoky China black tea. Smooth balanced flavor and rich aroma. Long, twisted, whole leaves are baked over pine fires. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
MINI TUO CHA - BLACK TUO-X04 $8.00/LB   $6.00/LB   $5.00/LB   66 LBS
Fanciful miniature tea bowls made of rich Yunnan black tea. Perfect for a cup and will yield several infusions. Brewing: 1 bowl, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.
NEPAL - MIST VALLEY NEP-X02 $25.00/LB   $23.00/LB   $21.00/LB   66 LBS
Sprinkled with plump, silvery buds this medium strength yet full bodied tea comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. Beside the smooth, mellow taste, the 2nd flush leaves offer sweet hints of grape akin to fine Darjeeling teas. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
Sorry - Out of Stock
NIL-X03 $16.00/LB   $15.00/LB   $14.00/LB   88 LBS
Orange Pekoe grade from this organic garden located in the heart of the Nilgiri Mtns. in Southern India. Full bodied, robust flavor with dark liquor and bold aroma. Takes milk and sugar well but is excellent clear as well. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
NILGIRI - THIASHOLA NIL-X02 $26.00/LB   $25.00/LB   $24.00/LB   44 LBS

An exceptional, whole leaf, full bodied yet smooth black tea from the "Mother of Forests" estate in South India's "Blue Mountains." FTGFOP1 grade with typical deep red color the familiar aroma offers hints of spice and apple wood. Excellent for iced tea. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

PANYONG CONGOU PCG-X01 $36.00/LB   $34.00/LB   $32.00/LB   44 LBS
Flavorful yet smooth whole leaf black tea from "Tanyang" in Fuan, Fujian province, China. The premium grade small leaves get their golden color from the down that covers the young shoots. Deep and rich flavor with hints of dark chocolate and fresh baked bread. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
PU ER - ROYAL AGED 2009 PUR-X07 $50.00/LB   $48.00/LB   $46.00/LB   22 LBS
Made in 2009 this earthy tea from Menghai, Yunnan is made of mostly bud tips and small leaves. It yields a smooth and full flavor. This is a very sought after tea for Real Pu Er lovers. Brewing: 1/2 tsp, 212 deg, 2 min, 4 inf.


PU ER - TEA CAKE PUR-X06 $46.00 EAx7   $44.00 EAx14   $41.00 EAx21   21 PC
Robust, earthy Pu Er tea compressed into 7 in diameter cakes and aged. Compressing is one of the oldest methods of making tea and Pu Er is renowned in China for its digestive-aid properties. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 2 min, 3 inf.


RUSSIAN CARAVAN CAR-X01 $25.00/LB   $23.00/LB   $21.00/LB   44 LBS
Smokey blend of high grade Lapsang Souchong and other premium black teas. The unique aroma and taste is reminiscent of the campfires of the traders as they made the long journey over the Silk Road. Brewing: 1 tsp, 212 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
TIPPY DOKE BOP DOK-X01 $20.00/LB   $19.00/LB   $18.00/LB   44 LBS

Flavorful and robust black tea from Bihar, India. The rich black Broken Orange Pekoe leaves and numerous tippy silver buds give a naturally sweet flavor with good complexity as well. Also great as an iced tea and can stand up to having sugar added. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.

TUO CHA - TEA BOWL TUO-X01 $17.00/EA x 12   $16.00/EA x 12   $15.00/EA x 50   50 PC
Strong, Shu (ripened style) Pu Er tea compressed into the traditional mushroom style. Made in 2014 by the famous Xiaguan tea factory in Dali, Yunnan province, the bowls are shaped by hand, steamed, and then aged. The bowl shape is said to have originated in Dali, Western Yunnan province and has been made by hand for over 100 years. Brewing: 1 dime sized piece, 212 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.
WAKO CHA WKO-X01 $74.00/LB   $69.00/LB   $64.00/LB   22 LBS

Brewing: 1 tbsp, 190 deg, 3 min, 3 inf.

YUNNAN BLACK YOP-X01 $38.00/LB   $36.00/LB   $34.00/LB   44 LBS

Our own custom crafted TGFOP grade of dark, twisted whole leaves and sweet tender golden buds. With rich chocolate and nutty aromas, the flavor is bold but smooth with hints of fruity sweetness. The liquor is a vibrant amber color suggesting golden autumnal honey. Brewing: 1 tbsp, 210 deg, 2.5 min, 3 inf.

YUNNAN SUPERIOR YOP-X02 $55.00/LB   $53.00/LB   $51.00/LB   44 LBS
Delicate sweet yet richly flavorful, this is the best of the Yunnan black blends. The subtle hint of honey in the aftertaste is a perpetual thrill. Whole leaves and buds covered in golden down. Brewing: 1 tsp, 200 deg, 3 min, 2 inf.
YUNNAN GOLDEN BUD YOP-X05 $101.00/LB   $96.00/LB   $91.00/LB   44 LBS
These pure golden buds are carefully hand selected from the most tender shoots. The ultimate in Yunnan blacks, this limited production tea is smooth, rich and bold with creamy aromatic qualities and hints of cinnamon. Brewing: 1.5 tsp, 200 deg, 2.5 min. 3 inf.